Longarm Machine Quilting Services


***** Due to the overwhelming demand we are experiencing for our longarm quilting services we currently are not accepting any more quilts for quilting. 

Thank you to everyone for your support  *******

At Berrima Patchwork we offer Edge to Edge Quilting (E2E) on a Bernina Q24 Longarm Quilting Machine with Qmatic Computer System

Edge to Edge Quilting style is where the quilting design is sewn in rows across the quilt from one edge to the other and then repeated down the entire quilt. This quilting design is sewed through 3 layers of a quilt and is quilted over the entire quilt without regards to the pieced or appliqued design of the quilt top. One design is used.

We will discuss possible patterns and thread choices at the time you bring in your quilt to be quilted or you can leave it up to us to make the best choices for your quilt.


Quilt Preparation

Please read the following before bringing your quilt to Berrima Patchwork for quilting



  • Your quilt top should be pressed, ensuring that all seams are pressed as flat as possible. Either press the seams to one side or press open.
  • Loose threads need to be trimmed from the front of the quilt. They need to be removed from the back if you can see them through the front of the quilt. If not removed once the quilt is quilted you may see them.
  • The quilt top needs to be free of any embellishments such as buttons, charms, sequins, pompoms etc
  • Do not baste or pin your quilt.
  • NOTE: If your quilt top does not lie flat there is a chance that pleating, tucks or fullness could occur. We will do our best to avoid this but cannot guarantee avoidance of this occurring.
  • We do charge for preparing your quilt if your quilt has not been pressed or threads removed. This charge will be at the of discretion Berrima Patchwork.


  • At Berrima Patchwork we have a large selection of wide back fabrics suitable for quilting.
  • Backing fabric needs to be 100% cotton and of a similar weight and feel to the fabrics that you used in the quilt top.
  • We do not quilt with sheeting or flannel sheets.
  • Backing fabrics needs to be at least 4” larger than your quilt top on all sides.
  • Joined backing (if required) and seams to be pressed flat. To join the backing it is best to use a ½” seam with the selvages removed.
  • Square up your backing so that all the edges are straight. Ripping along the grain to ensure that backing is square is suggested.
  • Backing fabrics must be pressed and free of creases or fold marks. If this has not been done we do charge for preparing your quilt backing. This charge will be at the of discretion of Berrima Patchwork.


  • Berrima Patchwork offers a selection of batting including Matilda’s Own Cotton, Polyester and Wool/Poly Batting. 100% Wool Batting is available as a special order
  • Batting MUST be purchase from Berrima Patchwork. We have unfortunate had too many issues with batting supplies from other sources which has caused issues. If you do provide the batting an additional surcharge will be charged.
  • Batting needs to be 4” larger than your quilt top on all sides but not larger than the backing fabric.
  • We do not recommend Bamboo batting due to being too thin.
  • If your batting is joined this can result in a “bump” occurring in your quilt and is not recommended.


  • We charge $4.20 per Square Foot
  • There is a minimum charge per quilt of $55
  • Quilt preparation fee $25 per quilt if the quilt top, backing is not prepared according to the above requirements. 

How to calculate the approximate quilting cost

  1. Multiply quilt width by quilt length (in inches): 45” X 60” =  2700 square inches
  2. Divide square inches by 144: 2700/144 = 18.75 square feet
  3. Multiply square feet by price: 18.75 X $4.20 = $78.75

These are approximate costs. The exact cost will be calculated at the time of quilting.



Binding services are available. If you are interested in this service details will be provided at when you drop your quilt off for quilting.


We use quality threads which are ideal for use with Long Arm Quilting. We offer both variegated and solid coloured threads including Omni Varigated and Omni Solids by Superior Threads and Rassant Threads.


We offer a large selection of quilting designs. 

These will be discussed with you at the time you 

drop off your quilt for quilting.